Tuesday, 29 April 2014

My Youtube Channel

So a few weeks ago I decided to make a YouTube channel, after I started writing my blog. It is basically my channel where I do some hair and makeup tutorials on it, some fun videos, challenges, daily Vlogs and just where I have a laugh. I am writing this on here just so that some of you who may not know that I make videos, now do and you also know what it is about. At the moment I don't really have that many videos on there but I have only just started about a month ago so there is plenty more to come. I am also going to DigiFest and I will definitely be doing a daily vlog on that. On my channel in most videos I have put my twitter and instagram account on there for you to follow me if you like and make sure that you check out my videos and subscribe. Also you can let me know what type of videos you want me to do in the future by twitter, or commenting on my videos or blog posts.

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