Sunday, 13 April 2014

Messy twist

So lately I have been trying to find new hairstyles to try on my hair, as it is just below my shoulders. Currently I have just been having it down, with a plait on the side, but this can get a bit boring after a while. This is why I have decided to try new styles having my hair up, which can be a bit tricky with my hair length. However at work I put my hair up in a "messy twist", which looked quite simple and casual and that is just what i wanted. My hair is quite thick so I struggled with keeping it in place as you don't want too many pins in, but you still need it to be secure. I used some waxe to pick out the parts to stick out and used one clip on one twist and one clip on the other. This hair style is quick and simple because it does not need to be perfect, just twist, pin and make it messy! You don't need to have two, you can have one or however many you want and it can be interpreted your own way. This style does not need to look like this you can twist your hair and swirl it or just twist along the bottom of your hair and leave the side down. This will probably be easier with hair my length or just a bit longer as it may be tricky to secure these with longer hair. However it is possible.


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