Monday, 19 May 2014

Being healthy

The past few weeks I have been trying to find the best way to be healthy and work out. I have been trying to have more salads and fruit as it's getting to summer now, but that can sometimes get boring having the same thing all the time. So I have been having healthy meals but not eating as much, and trying to drink more water as it's healthier to drink and for your skin.
Breakfast - you can just have the basics such as toast or a healthy cereal, or you can have some fruit and pour some natural yoghurt over the top. You can also do this with your cereal for a healthier breakfast. 

Lunch - crisp breads and crackers with cream cheese and pepper on top are one option also homemade soup with some bread or crackers again is also just as healthy. 

Dinner - Mixed salad with fish and lemon juice is extremely healthy and lovely in the summer, but if your not a fan of fish then chicken or ham can also be used as a replacement. 
Workout - I feel that you sometimes need a motivation to do a workout session especially if you don't go to the gym. I uses to go jogging but sometimes that can get too repetitive, but if your doing it from home I would recommend a workout DVD. They usually have a few different workouts that you can pick from and I find them really easy and motivating as you have someone talking you through it all the way. I have the Amy Child's workout DVD with is good for toning and loosing weight, but you have to be eating healthy as well before you see the benefit. I am the worst for forgetting to do a workout session everyday but I have been doing it for the last week and you won't see the benefit straight away, but you do feel better for it. 

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