Sunday, 20 April 2014

Lovely Lips

So usually when I go to buy some new lipsticks or lip glosses I would usually go for the ones with a really nice shine and shimmer. However, I recently purchased a lipstick and a lip lacquer which are both matte which I really like. The first one I bought was a Rimmel London by Kate Moss in shade 110 Red which is a lovely bright red colour, I really like this one as it is really moisturising but has a nice finish to it. The next one I bought was MUA luxe velvet lip lacquer in a pink colour called "funk", This has to be my new favourite as it is really pigmented, lasts for so long and it does not smudge or wear off during the day. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who likes bright colours and is out for the majority of the day and doesn't want to keep applying it through the day. The pink colour works really well with warm colours like gold and bronze, whereas the red lipstick is quite bright so cooler and darker colours will look better with this particular shade.

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