Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Everyday makeup

I have not wrote a blog in a while so I thought I would write a new one, and make this one about my everyday makeup. First of all I use my concealer under my eyes and on any blemishes or redness which I don't like. I use the Collection lasting perfection number 1, which is the lightest one to get. I then blend it in with a small foundation brush till it all blends in to my complexion. Next I use my normal size foundation brush, pump a bit of my foundation onto my hand and begin to blend it onto my forehead and then around the rest of my face. The foundation make I use is maybeline simply because I think it gives a really good coverage and it does not feel thick on your face. This is optional but you can also put on a face powder I top of the foundation you have already put on, I sometimes do this but it just depends on you! Moving onto my eyebrows I use the eyebrow styler by sleek which I have only recently discovered but I'm already falling in love with it. This has two ends, one with the eyebrow pencil on it and the other end with a brush on it. Having the brush is really useful I use it before and after. I glide the pencil across my brow just up to the arch, I make sure I take notice of the shape and that I don't just do a straight line but when I get to the arch define the point and bring it down the the tail. I then use the brush just to make sure it is even and gets rid of any lines there may be on there.

 For my eyes I use a pale pink shimmery eyeshadow or you can also use a subtle nude or silver for this aswell, but I take a large eye brush and wipe it across my lid and just fan it out abit as I get to the end of my eye lid. I do this with both eyes and take my MUA liquid eyeliner and gentle glide it across the lid of my eye just where my eyelashes are. Depending on your personal preference you can add a flick, which do a lot but it is up to you. For the mascara I use two I use the rimmel London scandal eyes first and then I use the miss sporty curves mascara. These really compliment each other as the rimmel one is really bold and makes your lashes big, but the miss sporty one makes the curvy and can really make your eyes pop! I put a little bit of mascara on my bottom lashes but not too much, just enough. 
Sometimes I will use blusher and bronzer, but if it's just for everyday makeup I just use a blusher and the one I use is sleek Sahara. I use a blusher brush and slide it across the hollows of my cheeks and slightly at the top, then using a blending brush I blend it into the rest of my cheek slightly in a circular motion. Lastly I eill use either a pale pink lipgloss or I sometimes use the colour sticks by revlon to give my lips just a bit more of a colour. 
That's it for my step by step everyday makeup guide. I hope this helped you all out! 

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