Thursday, 25 September 2014

Mickey's not so scary halloween party in Florida review

I'm on my second week in Disney World Florida and on the Tuesday of the second week I went to the Mickeys not so scary Halloween party. It was amazing! You dress up as a character (I went as Snow White) and it starts from 7pm - 12am. You get a band and also a bag which you can collect your candy in on the candy trails, also they have a parade where you see the classic disney characters and the villans. Then we saw the fireworks in magic kingdom by the Disney Castle which were really good as you had halloween music in the background aswell! 
You also get to meet other characters which you may not get to meet when you go there on a normal day, I met Lotso from toy story 3, Jack Skellington & Sally and also the Seven dwarves! 
There are a few candy trails and people stand outside holding a sign and you walk through and there are people either side of you handing out a handful of sweets. 
We went on big thunder mountain and then made our way back to the hotel. I would definitely recommend people do the Halloween party as it is fun for all ages, you get to dress up, meet characters, watch the parade and fireworks and also get sweets. It's definitely great for little ones and also as a big family group! 

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